I No Longer have to Go the Gym

Since my years in high school, I have always gone to the gym. Even when I got married, I didn’t stop until my first babies came- beautiful twin identical girls. My husband and I were overjoyed. However, do you know what this also meant? It said adjusting our schedules in order to take care of the beautiful angels. In the midst of the joy of the new members of the family, was a hectic schedule- especially when they were less than six months old. As a matter of fact, we had to find a nanny to help- until so that I could get some time to sleep and have a good rest.

Thankfully, they are now 1-year-old. Although I have managed to do most of the things that I used to do before their birth, there are other important things that I haven’t managed to get back to. For instance, I cannot go to the gym yet, and I still need to get back in shape. Apart from my physical appearance, I would love to have a flexible and fit body. One day I was complaining to my hubby about my inability to start going to the gym. What followed is something that has changed my life considerably. He suggested that we invested in one of the gym quality ellipticals for home use.


I cannot describe the excitement that I felt at that particular moment. One thing I love about Benson is that he has a thing for quality things- regardless of how much they are worth. He also complained that he wasn’t visiting the gym as occasionally as he would want- because he had to come home every opportunity he got to help with the girls. So, we set out our search for elliptical reviews.

The internet was very useful during our quest- especially when we were researching about ellipticals. It came to our realization that there are so many types and brands on the market with varying features and sizes. Due to the limitation of space, we were looking for the kind of elliptical that would fit in our not-so- spacious bedroom. My husband and I love to have enough space including in the bedroom. Thankfully, it wasn’t difficult for us to find one that met this specification and yet within the budget. We were willing to spend between $1500 and $1800. Additionally, elliptical user reviews were very useful during our search. They acted as an eye opener and a great guide during the decision-making process. I must admit that choosing an elliptical is a daunting and confusing task. However, with the right information, clearly defined expectations and pre-determined budget, you should have an easier time. I am glad that I can work out from the comfort of my bedroom and still expect the same results as visiting the gym.

Coming To Terms With The Idea Of A Camping Holiday

I have never really been a fan of camping and the outdoors but my husband has always enjoyed spending time in the outdoors. Usually I would let him go with his friends while I stayed home in the pretext that I was watching the kids. This has been working out well for the last few years and I was more than glad to avoid the camping trips.

However, last week as we sat down with our twin ten year old sons to discuss this year’s family holiday, I got the surprise of my life when they insisted that they wanted a camping holiday. I tried to explain to them just how uncomfortable and annoying camping can be but their minds were made up. All this time my husband sat smiling quietly in the corner saying nothing.

backpacking tent

As soon as the family meeting was concluded I knew there was no way I could avoid camping this year. My only hope was that they would hate the experience and that there would never be a repeat of the same. Despite my hate for the outdoors, I love my family and this means I ensure that I always get the best for them. From the meeting I headed straight to my laptop, I had to start preparing for our family camping trip.

The first thing on my mind was checking out the best family tent reviews. If my family and I were going to spend our nights in a small tent, I was going to make sure that it was the best in the market. I can say in all honesty that I knew nothing about tents when I started my search but thanks to the numerous best family tent reviews I soon learned what to look for when looking for a family tent.

For example, I quickly learned that size was not the only thing that mattered. Big tents did offer more space but that was just a tip of the ice berg. I also had to look for weather compatibility of the tent. This would ensure that my family was dry and warm even if it started raining while we were camping. The setup of the tent was also important. In as much as I knew that my husband and sons would be in charge of putting up the tent I needed something that was durable, stable and easy to set up.

When I finally settled on a suitable tent thanks to the best family tent reviews, I had learned quite a few things about camping and a part of me was looking forward to the trip. It may not be my kind of holiday but as long as I spend it with the people I love most, I am sure it will be worth the trouble.